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Measuring the Impact: How to Assess the Success of Your Visual Merchandising Efforts

Visual Merchandising Efforts

In the ever-evolving world of retail, it’s crucial to determine whether your visual merchandising efforts are yielding the desired results. Here are some key strategies to gauge the effectiveness of your initiatives and ensure they are paying off:

Define Success

Success can be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively. Consider metrics like sales per square foot, conversion rates, and strategic partnerships established as indicators of success.

Create Metrics to track Early Progress

Establish metrics to track your progress from the early stages. While data from POS systems or door counters can provide valuable rearward-looking insights, find ways to track forward-looking information as well. Look for effective Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide real-time decision-making information.

Start Simple

Data overload can lead to analysis paralysis. To avoid this, start by tracking the most important metrics that align with your goals. Focus on key indicators that directly reflect the impact of your visual merchandising in the real world.

Get Help

Seek feedback from the boots on the ground – your store staff. They interact with customers daily and can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your visual merchandising. Additionally, explore technologies or products developed in other industries that may have applications in the retail sector.

Stay Committed

It’s essential to acknowledge that your initial efforts may not always succeed. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks; instead, view them as learning opportunities and stay committed to refining your strategies.

Customer Feedback and Surveys

Engage with your customers directly through feedback and surveys. Their opinions and experiences can offer valuable insights into the impact of your visual merchandising efforts.

Social Media Engagement and UGC

Monitor social media platforms for customer engagement related to your merchandise. Look for hashtags, mentions, and photos shared by customers, as they can provide real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your visual merchandising.

By implementing these strategies, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of whether your visual merchandising efforts are driving the desired outcomes. Continuously assess and adapt your strategies to create impactful and memorable experiences for your customers.


Jeff Lo is owner of TGS Elevate, a visual marketing / merchandising company that provides printing, point of purchase displays, and store fixture manufacturing, and in-store build outs for companies that have 50-500 locations nationwide.

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