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A Three-Week Challenge from Birkenstock

Birkenstock store wall display

Birkenstock partnered with TGS Elevate to create a visual program to commemorate the achievement of an important internal milestone. The challenge: we only had three weeks to develop, test, and deliver the project soup to nuts. The drop-dead date was a high-profile open house at their new corporate office, which was currently under construction, with hundreds of confirmed attendees!

The marketing team at Birkenstock had to fully outfit their new West Coast office and develop a program to thank their retail partners, while also doing all their “normal” marketing duties. As their strategic partner, TGS Elevate rose to the challenge to help.

We created each component of the marketing plan in a synergistic environment to remain cohesive and on brand. We wanted Birkenstock to feel the WOW factor and create a memorable experience for their employees.

Birkenstock’s marketing team wasn’t exactly sure what they wanted, but they did know that the grand opening was coming up in 2 weeks, so whatever it was, it better look great, and get there fast.

The new Birkenstock space highlighted the brand’s distinctive style. They wanted to showcase the lobby, kitchen and employee workspaces. We surveyed their stores and came up with a plan that would be on-brand, and tell the story of their evolution.

Read the full Case Story to learn more about this significant project…

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Holiday Displays Consumers will love All Year Long

One of the biggest challenges for a retailer who wants to market their store for the holidays is the budget. Spending a lot of money on a seasonal display can happen quickly, almost as quickly as the display will be taken down. How can you maximize your budget and will create a magical experience for consumers over the holidays?

TGS Elevate loves a challenge. Bring us your problems, we will bring you solutions. Facing this very issue, we helped Williams Sonoma create a seasonal stand they love so much, they use it all year round.

Take a look at this wood-modular structure. It resembles a Christmas tree with the wide base and tiers of circular displays. When filled with the bright red and white peppermint candy collection, it looks even more festive.

More than fun, this fixture is incredibly functional. It can be built to any size or height to fit any store or space. Williams Sonoma can transform a full tree into a multitier installation as the seasons and their needs for space change.

This functional solution from TGS Elevate allowed Williams Sonoma to dramatically extend their holiday budget.