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This AAA project best displays what it means to be a one-stop shop for all your visual marketing needs, and where we provide value.

This campaign included site surveys across multiple states for vinyl window graphics, digital printing, and installation, the design and manufacturing of a custom promotional product in high quantities overseas.

Done separately, this would have required 4-5 separate vendors, and in this case took just one email.

AAA sleeping bag window display









Project Goals

Problems Solved

Crazy Logistics

The sheer logistics of this product would have daunted most companies, but not TGS Elevate. We love a challenge! If you need thousands of installed graphics, posters and flyers for hundreds of locations, we’re the company to call.

To increase foot traffic for AAA we created a fantastic summer promotion revolving around a sleeping bag giveaway. If you came into the store and requested a quote, you got a free promotional sleeping bag. We created 97,000 giveaway items. Each had to be individually wrapped and packed and delivered. We managed production on two continents, did 286 location visits and still managed to keep the costs down for our client.

AAA sleeping bag

The WOW Factor

All it took was one email to put this massive campaign into motion. There are a lot of companies that could have done a single part of this project. But TGS Elevate is the ONLY company that could manage and produce the entire campaign. We are not order takers; we are leaders. We use a combination of disciplines to creative cohesive campaigns that stand out from the competition.

Not only did we produce thousands of posters and flyers and install the graphics, we create a display for each of the 143 AAA locations featuring a mini sleeping bag. And let’s be honest, a mini sleeping bag is darn cute.

AAA sleeping bag
AAA Sleeping bag
AAA Sleeping bag

Behind the Scenes

The hardest part of this project was gathering information from so many different places and people. Behind the scenes we were creating elevations and composites for 143 locations which took more than 150 hours of creative time. You should see the giant excel sheet we built to organize all the different products.

At TGS Elevate we are known for delivering white glove service. That means we guide our clients every step of the way. We prioritize service and take the lead on organizing projects, expediting delivery and optimizing a budget. We coordinated with the local AAA team, and had boots on the ground overseas to watch over the production. In fact, we had five different checkpoints set up for our team of independent professionals to assess the quality when products arrived, got set up, were finished, packed and then random samples. How do you manage your production and protect your investments on the other side of the world?


Great Results. Happy Clients.

Announcing our NEW brand 🎉

The Graphic Source is now TGS Elevate.

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