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Imperial Design + Display

Imperial Wire was building new sanitation displays that were critical for Gamestop to reopen their stores during the height of the 2020 pandemic. The problem? It was nearly impossible at that time for companies to fulfill orders for hand sanitizer dispensers.

Imperial Wire emailed TGS Elevate for support, knowing they have excellent overseas relations. With just that one email, TGS Elevate was able to take the lead and get Imperial Wire premium hand sanitizer dispensers, expedited delivery and great pricing.

Imperial Design + Display


days to receive sample


days to make goods ready for shipping


days air freight to their warehouse location in MidWest


total days from order placement to total quantity delivery

Project Goals

Problems Solved

Short Supply

You may have noticed, hand sanitizer sales went wild in 2020 and many business were not able to source the product. People were getting priced out and deliveries were being cancelled.

TGS Elevate has been sourcing products overseas for decades and has great relationships with a variety of manufactures. That’s why, during a worldwide pandemic, TGS Elevate was able to source Imperial Design + Display custom hand sanitizer dispensers at a fair value and have the delivery expedited.

Imperial Design + Display

The WOW Factor

All it took was one email to get the ball rolling. Imperial Wire outsourced a very challenging project to TGS Elevate and TGS Elevate exceeded their expectations. They got faster shipping, better pricing and got to look like a hero to their client.

Behind the Scenes

It’s all in the fine print. Not only did TGS Elevate deliver a premium product, they backed it up with a 3-year manufacturers warranty for 100% operational units. Other companies plan for a 1-3% failure rate, which the client has to replace at their own expense. This warranty ensures continued savings for Gamestop.
Ever wonder what a Chinese production factory looks like? TGS Elevate sends trained U.S. employees to monitor our overseas projects. Our team took photos at the factory and provided regular updates so the client could watch the assembly line of progress.

Imperial Design + Display
Imperial Design + Display
Imperial Design + Display

Finished Product

Imperial Design + Display

Client Testimonial


Great Results. Happy Clients.

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