Announcing our NEW brand. The Graphic Source is now TGS Elevate.

The Graphic Source has elevated our products and services significantly over the past decade and we wanted our new brand to reflect that growth. Introducing, TGS Elevate. 

Using a mixture of artistry and retail business savvy, TGS Elevate builds top-quality consumer experiences while improving logistics and returns for our clients. 

“We want people to know that we do more than create stunning displays and promotions to market merchandise and sell services,” said TGS Elevate CEO, Jeff Lo.

You dream. We build. The new TGS Elevate tagline invites a sense of wonder and asks clients to imagine ways to truly elevate their brand experience.

“The truth is, we can build just about anything you can dream up,” said Lo. ”From conception to installation, TGS Elevate provides full-service creative and logistical support that makes brands look great and perform better.”

Known for being both dynamic and dependable, Lo describes some of the crazier projects his team has undertaken. They have painted on the top of screw heads and wine corks. They have even built an installation with dried spaghetti, showing nothing is off the table with TGS Elevate.

“We want our clients to be excited by the possibility of what their retail brand experience can achieve,” said TGS Elevate CEO, Jeff Lo. “And we want to make marketing so easy you will wish you called us sooner.”

In the middle of their busiest production year to date, TGS Elevate is raising the bar in retail marketing. “Our secret weapon is our proprietary operating system,” explained Lo. “Clients are blown away when we show them our reports and maps detailing every item we have created. Imagine the power of our database analytics at work, saving you time and money”

Creating a win-win is important for Lo and the TGS Elevate team. They want clients to dream bigger but work smarter. Saving money on logistics and materials opens up the door for more exciting retail expenditures.

The next time you are at Williams Sonoma, see a Birkenstock display, get a Peets Coffee or do business at Bank of The West, look around. You are seeing the hard work of TGS Elevate. We are easy to reach and happy to help if you have any questions.

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Announcing our NEW brand 🎉

The Graphic Source is now TGS Elevate.

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