Offset Lithography​

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Digital printing is great when you’re dealing in quantities of less than about 1,000. Think of this technology like your home printer. One pass of the print head results in a line of print, then repeat until the graphic is done. However, when quantities increase above 1,000, it’s time to get faster speeds, higher quality, and lower costs per print by changing the print method. In contrast to digital printing, offset printing creates a digital plate of your graphic, is then dipped in ink, then run on an opposing surface to transfer the ink to paper - it’s how newspapers are printed and are incredibly efficient. The trade off is that a plate needs to be made for each color in your graphic, so the trade off is a higher setup cost.

Offset Printing

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Imagine that your goal is to increase product sales. Specifically, increasing sell-through at retail. You’ll need signage, displays, promotional items, or other creative products that effectively communicate the essence of your brand.

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In order to find the sweet spot for each project, our team provides good, better, and best options for you to choose from, as well as a recommendation based on our extensive experience.

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